NCAA Specifications For Lacrosse Goals And Nets

Goals and Goal Lines
SECTION 3. A lacrosse goal shall form an opening or goal mouth that is 6 feet wide and 6 feet high (inside measurments). Goals are to be constructed of 1 1/2-inch (outside diameter 1.90 inches) metal pipe and musr be painted orange. All goals shall consist of two vertical posts joined by a ridged top crossbar. THese posts shall be 6 feet apart and the top crossbar shall be 6 feet from the ground.

Lacrosse goals shall be constructed in a manner such that when a ball enters the goal mouth and is in fact a goal, it shall not reenter the feild of play. The reccomended goal for natural- surface feilds is an in-ground goal. THe vertical posts shall be 7 1/2 feet in overall length and shall be inserted into 1 1/2 foot by 2-inch vertical sleeves that are inserted into the ground, exposing 6 feet of vertical post above the ground. The sleeves shall be capped at the bottom, and the top of the sleeves shall be at ground level.

On feilds where an in-ground goal cannot be used or on an artificial-surface fields, the following goals are acceptable and legal:

a. Flat-iron goal--(reccomended for use on artificial-surface fields) Each vertical post shall be 6 feet in overall length and shall be attatched toa piece of flat iron at the bottom. The two flat irons, each attatched to a vertical post, shall meet at a point 7 feet back from the center of the goal. The maximum thickness of the flat iron shall be 1/2 inch with no part of the flat iron extending into the goal line.

b. Obtuse-angle goal-- Each vertical post shall be 6 feet in overall length and shall be attached to a ground pipe at the bottom. The ground pipe must form an obtuse angle with the vertical post immediatly rearward of the vertical post and then bend to extend to a point 7 feet back from the center of the goal.

A line shall be drawn between the goal posts to indicate the plane of the goal, and it shall be disignated the goal line. The net is to be considered part of the goal. The goals shall be centered between the sidelines and placed 15 yards from each end line.

Note-- The home team is responsible for having legal goals. If, before the start of the game, either goal is found to be illegal, a reasonable length of time shall be granted to correct the illeagal situation. Failure to make the neccesary corrrections to render the goals legal shall result in a thrre-mintue nonrelaseable penalty.

Goal Nets

SECTION 5 Each goal shall be fitted witha pyramidal-shaped cord netting that should extend and be fastened
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